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These Crossfit bags are Awesome. They looked good on the website, but now that I have them. Their better then I ever thought. These are a must for anybody looking to get in shape. Don’t hesitate if your thinking about  buying. Just do it.

iFit Lifestyle review

I need something that was easy to use and not too expensive. So I found Dr. Mike’s website and enjoyed what he had to say. I decided to buy the Kettlebell bag. I was surprised with the quality and how easy it is to change the weight. I love my kettlebell bag so much that I decided to but the exercise bag too. I couldn’t be happier. I give it 5 stars.

iFit lifestyle review Daisy

I was a little skeptical to order something off the Internet like these products, but once they came in I was amazed at the quality and how their but together. I would strongly recommend these products to anybody looking for a new way to get in shape.

david miguel angel