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exercise sandbag
Kettlebell duel bag system
Exercise sandbag system
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What our Customers Say

Customizable Weighted SandBag

Because sand is used as the weighted component. This triple lined exercise sandbag can be as low as 2 pounds and exceed to over 50 pounds if the right materials is added. I’ve personally experimented with using lead buckshot to get the bag to exceed 50 pounds. Due to the fact that this bag is made with such high quality, after six months of use the bag worked flawlessly.

One of the strongest materials made

We used ballistic vinyl material that has a tensile strength of over 1600 foot-pounds. The bag was designed for extreme workouts and to last for many years. With its double external case construction and the handle configurations built into the frame this is one of the strongest bags money can buy. There’s an inner bladder for added safety so that you don’t get sand all over your house.

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