Crossfit Equipment

CrossFit equipment designed for the beginner to the seasoned pro .

If you looking to buy CrossFit equipment then there’s no need to look any further. Over across the equipment is designed to be versatile and easy-to-use.

Our crossfit equipment for sale uses sand has the weight component which allows you to adjust accordingly when needed. What makes our CrossFit equipment different from other competitors is that we use a sand bag system and we incorporated material that’s used for high-grade luggage.

We designed our CrossFit equipment for the home for outdoor use. Because of the equipments design you don’t have to worry about it wrecking your floors in your house and it’s not difficult to take with you if you want to work out at the park or run hills with.

Here’s an article with the military crossfit training.

Our Crossfit fitness equipment is designed with the highest quality vinyl material that they use with high-grade luggage plus it has an extremely strong inner bladder that holds the sand that will give you double reinforcement allowing it to last for years.

Most Crossfit workout equipment is used of things made of iron, steel or rubber to name a few, our systems use sand which can be adjusted very easily. One of the major benefits of using sand as the weighted component is that it has such a large center of gravity making it difficult to move around, which burns a lot of calories. For example you could pick up a 40 pound dumbbell at the gym relatively easy, but when you pick up a 40 pound child it can be quite difficult. That’s due to the fact that the child as a larger displacement of weight.

Another major benefit with our crossfit gym equipment is that it comes with numerous handles around the bags which will allow you to create hundreds of different types of exercises. This is why our crossfit equipment is a must for anybody looking to get in shape.

We currently have two bags in our Cross fit training equipment line that are highly adjustable and guaranteed to last. Our  iFit adjustable kettlebell has a maximum weight of over 45 pounds (depending on the type of saying to use) and our iFit exercise bag they can reach 80+ pounds when fully filled with sand. This will allow you to create an amazing workout that is guaranteed to add muscle burn fat.

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